Hudson Technologies (HDSN) Stock Analysis

Investment Thesis After analyzing Hudson Technologies and its most recent SEC filings I would not invest in the stock due to the high degree of uncertainty leading up to its reporting deadline of November 21st. The stock’s degree of risk is too great for my tolerance, however, if one bets on positive earnings reports on … Continue reading Hudson Technologies (HDSN) Stock Analysis

Chart of the Week – FedEx

Source: ThinkorSwim This chart of FedEx (FDX) shows that from a technical perspective FedEx may be at a perfect buying position. When this is coupled with the distribution company’s strong fundamentals and positive industry outlook FedEx appears to be a great value investment. Similar to the performance of the entire market, FedEx recently got crushed … Continue reading Chart of the Week – FedEx

Chart of the Week – S&P 500

Source: ThinkorSwim The month of October has been a rough one for stocks as the market took a significant down-turn due to a combination of negative outlook on global growth, increasing interest rates, and poor earnings reports. However, this market downturn provides an opportunity to buy very high quality stocks at discounted rates if timed … Continue reading Chart of the Week – S&P 500